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The Jago Owners Club was founded in 1984 by Tony Crockford, it’s aims were to provide support to fellow builders of the various Jago kits then being marketed and encourage owners & enthusiasts to get together at various major kit car events and club specific activities & enjoy what they had created.

Over 25 years later and the core aim of the Club hasn’t altered, although nowadays the emphasis is more on the use, preservation, renovation and modification of those kits, however there are still one or two unfinished ones gathering dust here and there!

Just as in those early days one of the main benefits of club membership is access to a wealth of knowledge from those who have seen it done it been there and have the scars to prove it, backed up by a website & discussion forum covering many FAQ’s relating to the kits.

The social side of membership is still very important to us although we no longer enjoy the level of attendance at shows like many other similar clubs did back in the 80’s and early 90’s, however we still enjoy a 20-25% turn-out of members with their vehicles which is quite an achievement in these days of online enthusiasm - the 25th Anniversary club display at Stoneleigh 2009 saw a turnout of 50 vehicles, something not seen since the late eighties.

Our own online discussion forum offers everything from a friendly welcome and advice on buying your first Jago , for sale & wanted sections, details of member’s heavily modified vehicles used both on and off road & even on the race track; reviews of events we have attended backed up by numerous colour photographs in the gallery.

In addition to full access to all areas of the discussion forum and technical pages you will also receive our quarterly magazine “Transmissions”; just follow the links to find out more.  Your membership will be recognised by a number of specialist insurers resulting in an additional discount on any premiums quoted.

Please enjoy browsing our site, and be sure of a warm welcome at any shows with a JOC stand!

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