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‘Transmissions’ Club Newsletter Transmissions Newsletter Cover

The aim is to give an entertaining read as well as provide information that appears on the website and forum to non-computer using members.  So if you prefer the thud of a club newsletter on your doormat to the click of a mouse, please join up to receive your copy.

If you are already a member and would like to submit an article or ask a question please click the link below.

‘Transmissions’ is the name of the club newsletter, put together on a regular basis by the editorial team and delivered to your door as one of the benefits you will receive as a club member.

Transmissions has evolved into an A5 booklet, brimming with features written by the committee and members of the club.  There are technical articles, adverts , events listings and much more.

Contact the Newsletter Team Mail: editor@jagoownersclub.co.uk

Hard-copy club newsletter, direct to your door!  Features, Events, FAQ’s and Editorials - it’s all here!

Click on the link below to take a look at this abridged issue of Transmissions!  Flick through and see the kind of articles that regularly appear! (Flash player required).